Price guide


Below is an approximate price guide for birthday cakes decorated and on a cake board. Cake size is based on the diameter of a round cake.


servings size * baking time * Decoration time price *
20 guests 6-inch, 7-inch 1 hour 2 hour to 2.5 hours $120 to $150
30 guests 7-inch, 8-inch 1.5 hour 2 hours to 3 hours $150 to $180
40 guests 8-inch, 9-inch 2 hour 3 hours to 4 hours $160 to $200
60 guests 10-inch, 12-inch 2.5 hour 4 hours to 6 hours $200 to $250


* Cake size capacity is depends on cake height. For example 6-inch cake 2-inch high can provide 14 servings but 6-inch cake 3-inch high can provide 20 servings.


* Price depends on decorating time. Some complex cakes may take more time to make than others and extra charges will apply.


* Rainbow cake extra charge may apply according to baking time.


Wedding cakes decorated with ribbon, flowers or figurines and presented on a cake board.


Wedding cakes used as dessert average is at $5 to $6 per guest.


Two tier cakes from $250 for 50 guests.

Three tier cakes from $350 for 70 guests.


Delivery is available for a fee.

Delivery addresses located within zone 1 is $25, zone 2 is $30, Zone 3 is $40.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or for a quote please contact me by SMS or email .

Jessica Gent